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The Concept: The 'Teddy Express Workshop Experience!  

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The Teddy Express Workshop is a magical and special teddy bear store that will provide a lasting and memorable experience for all.

We sell Teddies to take away Ready Made, or Teddies that you make yourself; either In-Store, or as a Kit to be made at home or at a Party Venue.


Ready Made Bears

We sell a variety of Bears to be taken away from our Shop in Albrighton, or despatched from our online Store to suit all pockets and occasions.  These range from Budget Bears for a Birthday or a Christening, to Paddington and Air Puppy Collectible Bears, and Limited Edition Bears from Suki.


Build Your Bear

The concept is simple: pick an unstuffed plush (unstuffed teddy bear or other animal skin) and fill it up yourself from a bag of stuffing, or let one of our trained helpers fill it using our child-safe stuffing machine. You can then customize your teddy bear to your liking by picking out clothing and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, and even sporting gear. Take a peek at our online store where you can purchase a full range of products to create your magic at home. 




Come and stuff a friend in our stores with your family as you'll be able to get your picture taken with your newly stuffed friend to commemorate the teddy bear stuffing event. Better yet, invite a few friends and have your teddy bear stuffing party at our store! Never has making a new friend been so easy!  The Teddy Express Workshop is a magical and special teddy bear store that will provide a lasting and memorable experience for all.







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