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Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Pull Down Musical Toy

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Pull Down Musical Toy


This soft and loveable pull down musical toy comes with versatile tabs that enables it to be suspended from the side of a crib, play pen, or even on a stroller. Just pull Peter Rabbit to hear the lovely sounds of 'Brahms Lullaby', it is bound to lull your little one to sleep.Since 1902, when an unconventional Victorian lady wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter's stories have delighted generations of children again and again. Her loveable warm characters each have a tale to tell, nurturing the ears that listen, by teaching values and life's lessons. Her characters continue to remain popular, as the timeless tales are brought to life in different ways.Playing music to babies can help to support the development of auditory and awareness skills. Through the music in this toy babies are encouraged to look for the sound and understand where it is coming from. They will try to reach for Peter Rabbit, which in turn develops their grasping skills.

• Suitable for all ages

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