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Gromit (tm) Microwavable

Gromit (tm) Microwavable


As part of the NEW licensed Aardman range, fully microwavable Gromit™ is a wonderfully warming soft toy that the Intelex Group's design team is particularly proud of. After all, as a heatable and gently French lavender-scented Gromit™ he's the first ever anywhere on the planet!

Great for children of all age, and super-soft to touch, Gromit™ is now bringing even MORE warmth and joy to families the world over. That's right. It isn't just little ones who can't wait to see Gromit™ from the moment they wake up after a blissful night of snuggliness holding Gromit™ in their arms. Mums and dads everywhere are falling in love with Gromit™ too. Hmm... Maybe it's because he so adorable and impossibly huggable. Or perhaps it's because he helps ease tired muscles and relieve aches and pains once he's been quickly heated up and then held close. Then again, it might be the relaxing aroma of French lavender he omits after being heated that has adults continually reaching for their own little Gromit™... Or maybe it's because of all three!


Quick facts

  • Simple to use - just warm in a microwave.
  • Can be reheated thousands of times
  • Surface clean with a damp sponge

Beware of imitations.

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